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We Who Served Loyalty Card exampleWe Who Served is proud to announce our “Loyalty Card Program.” It works just like the ones you use at your favorite grocery or drugstore to get discounts but it is for your small business!

Anyone can sell them and any business can buy them. Note to sales agents: Veterans, Disabled Veterans and family or friends of Veterans get preferential pricing.

All Key Tags are Made in the USA! Example below. If your business would like to support our veterans and get a great program for your business look no further.

We Who Served Loyalty Card exampleYour business can get the loyalty cards with your business name or logo, web address and QR Code linking to your website on one side and proudly display our logo on the other.

When you purchase a minimum order of 1,000 loyalty cards we will give you a listing on our website with:

  1. A coupon offer of your choice and the ability to login and change it as needed.
  2. Your full business description.
  3. Link to your website or Facebook Business Page.
  4. Map with directions.
  5. Your business name or logo. Logos must be 300 DPI or in some Vectored format for printing.

We Who Served Loyalty Card exampleAny small business should accept the loyalty card of any other business. For example, if a customer walks in with a loyalty card from a restaurant in New York you should accept it if you are a participating member owning a golf course in Pennsylvania etc.

This gives all of us the collective power of the Big Stores.

The benefit to your business is it gets your business name and offers in front of your regular customers just like the Big Box stores.

We Who Served Loyalty Card exampleOrder 1,000 key tags for $750. That is 75 Cents a Piece. Buy Now

Order 2,500 key tags for $1,500. That is 60 Cents a Piece. Buy Now

Order 5,000 key tags for $2,500. That is 50 Cents a Piece. Buy Now

Get a listing without key tags $199 for 2 Years. Buy Now

We Who Served Loyalty Card exampleTo see an example of how your listing can look click here.


  • Logo or business name.
  • Web link
  • Coupon offer
  • Description
  • Phone
  • Directions Map
What We Are About

Just a little bit about me. I retired from the 193rd Special Operations Wing as an AGR in 2002 from the Life Support career field with 22 years, 8 months and 9 days of service (not that I was counting). I then opened a web company that now has directories in 8 states. Our business name is PAontheweb LLC as we first opened in Pennsylvania. You can check our BBB rating here. We are no longer active members but our rating still stands at A+. We are now moving to focus most of our efforts on our other website LUBYG is the acronym for Let Us Be Your Guide.

50% of all profits will go to veterans organizations. The other 50% will go to overhead and as commissions to staff.

We hope to achieve all this through a Loyalty Card program for small business and other services. This is similar to the Loyalty or Bonus Cards used by grocery stores and pharmacies like Rite Aid and CVS but geared towards small business.

We will be focusing on veterans as sales staff but anyone will be able to participate. Preference will also be to Veterans and Veteran Owned Businesses who want to provide job postings for Veterans. On top of it all we have been designing and hosting websites for 20 years. I started doing web design on the side when I was still Active Duty. We will continue to promote our services and hope to find Veterans who are able to do sales, design and support for clients.

The overarching goal is to bring together a team of talented and motivated individuals with the end goal of taking care of our Veterans. We will not be asking for donations. We will be providing valuable services and advertising to business owners who can take tax deductions for our service or advertising and donate a significant amount of profits to worthy Veteran organizations.